How We Conduct Keyword Research

A longer, more precise keyword, such as “how to get six pack abs in 90 days at home” is inevitably going to bring fewer searches than “how to get six pack abs” or “six pack abs”. Now why would you want to choose a keyword with fewer searches? Most people think the same thing – however, this is a bonus for you, because this keyword typically has much less competition ranking for it (often indicated by fewer search results), which will in turn take less time to get your domain towards (or on) the top of the search for that keyword in Google.


But this still doesn’t answer why you’d want this keyword. In the example, “how to get six pack abs in 90 days at home”, the person searching this keyword is looking for a very specific answer. In fact, it’s so specific that the susceptibility of this person to be converted into a buyer of some type of product, paid video tutorial, or other vehicle that drives them to the specific solution they desire, is very high.


On the other hand, in this example, vague keywords like “six pack abs” have their benefits as well. A person searching “six pack abs” is likely to have low buyer intent behind this keyword, whether they’re looking for information, products, or video tutorials. The benefit of ranking your domain for a keyword this vague is that your site can build strong authority and power, and can attract more visitors. Note that certain keywords can be vague and also not commonly searched.


Now, understand that ranking your website for either a vague or specific keyword does not guarantee more traffic, authority, or sales. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the website developer and business to collectively influence that initial click away from the search engine, build the site in a way that will keep the traffic within the site for as long as possible, provide appealing and effective methods of converting prospects into clients, and accomplish any other goals of the site.


Rest assured, our professional SEO expertise has allowed us to develop a keen eye for what that should look like in nearly every niche, however, we do not fix or drastically modify sites to sell. What we will do is get you set up to rank and dominate for your keywords which, when properly matched to your business, generally does lead to more sales.


Ultimately, attracting the right person is the ultimate goal of any business or relationship. Am I right? Our professional expertise is dead-set on moving you out of the desert and into the city – Fortunately, you get to pick the city. If it’s a small town, are you going to fit in? When you get to the small town, are you going to be good about keeping your promises with people? If it’s a big city, are you going to be ready to meet more people? When you get to the big city, are you going to physically look like you mean business? In both places, you have to have something going for you. You can’t just show up and flail your arms and expect to keep peoples’ attention for good. But if you know your audience behind the keyword, attract them to you, and fulfill their wants or needs, you’ll build momentum quickly that will keep you on the top.