Do I Need SEO?

If you are a business owner who has exhausted the traditional marketing solutions for your business, then you are perhaps a little fed up spending your business’s hard earned money on advertising that either exhibits little results or is incredibly difficult to gauge the impact of.

Now more than ever, many businesses rely on internet traffic to promote or sell their products and/or services, and many businesses are dropping the traditional marketing tools such as flyers and newspaper ads and are seeking out digital solutions. It makes sense to start implementing only what’s working, right?

With as many options available in the digital world of marketing as there are, it can often be a difficult decision on how to distribute your budget in the most results-effective manner.

We illustrate the point of how SEO pricing is nearly irrelevant and the real question should be; what return am I getting for my SEO cost in the long run?


As an analogy, paying for Google Ads on a month-to-month basis is like renting a house or an apartment. You get to move in right away, however, you never stop paying for as long as you live there. There’s no way around that. Not only that, but when you leave, you receive none of your investment back. When you buy a house, or start an SEO campaign, each payment gets you one step closer to owning that property. Sure, you may have to do a little bit a maintenance along the way, but once you’ve paid off the property, it’s all yours. What could be better than free leads?

Why SEO Is Not Cheap

In reality, other related keywords that are a broad match to your targeted keyword are also likely to rank highly and attract even more traffic than originally anticipated. You do not have this advantage with Pay-Per-Click.

If it costs $45,000 per month using Adwords to attract $90,000 per month worth of business, would it be fair to expect to pay just $5000 per month to an SEO agency?

Of course not!

Realistically, any figure less than $45,000 per month would be a sound investment, and the long-term picture would be even more fruitful when other keywords can be targeted.

No One Size Fits All Packages

There are many Digital Marketers out there that offer SEO “packages.” Unfortunately, this is a flawed system, whether their work is good or not – if you’ve done your research, or have even gone through the hoops with this, you may already have answer. The problem with giving each client a set price for a keyword, or group of keywords, is that each client has a unique business, with unique website analytics. As a digital marketer, to price any client a specified amount for a keyword simply with a “Buy It Now” button is often times a good indicator that the company is not in alignment with your best interests – getting results.

It may seem like a good business decision to spend the least amount of money possible – but that is simply not the case, as you truly get what you pay for in the digital marketing world.

In actuality, no opinions count here. Not even my own, or any of ours here at Garrett Suzak Digital Marketing. Only results matter, and the alarming statistics speak the truths of SEO.

You Need To Make A Choice

To answer, “do I need SEO?”, should be a no-brainer if you’re selling a product or service through the use of a website. Do we work with every business that approaches us for search engine marketing? Absolutely not. We first need to determine if your business may benefit from our services, and then understand your goals to know whether they align with our refined process or not. We limit the number of clients we work with so we may serve our very own clients at the highest level. If SEO sounds right for you, you may review our requirements, and fill out the Discovery form to get started on the fast track to growth and success.